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Below you will find the Bullmastiff Breed Standards and requirements for this breed in the major Dog Kennel Clubs such as UKC and the AKC.

  • Overall Appearance: This breed is almost perfectly symmetrical, showing great strength, endurance, and alertness. The Bullmastiff is very powerfully built but active for it’s size.
  • Head: The expression displayed by the Bullmastiff is keenness and alertness. Like the English Mastiff, their ears are V shaped, dropped, yet small in comparison to the head size. They dropp close to the cheek, just below the eyes. The forehead is flat, but the skull is broad and large, with wrinkles exhibited when they are alert. The muzzle is deep and broad. The nose is black with broad, open nostrils.
  • Neck and Body: The neck is muscular, a good length, powerful, and slightly arched. The body is compact, and thee topline is straight and level. The back legs are very wide and muscular.
  • Tail: The Bullmastiff’s tail is high set and strong at the root. It tapers to the hocks. It
    may be straight or curved.
  • Forequarters and Hindquarters: Shoulders are muscular but not overdone. They slope just a bit. Forelegs are straight and thick and set well apart. Hindquarters are wide and muscular with powerful thighs.
  • Coat: This breed’s coat is short and dense, appropriate for protection from weather and climate.
  • Color:  The Bullmastiff comes in just a couple of colors. They can be red, fawn, or brindle. Except for a very small white spot on the chest, white marking is not permitted.
  • Gait: The gait is free, smooth, and powerful. The back leg muscles exhibit power while moving.
  • Size: Males are at least 25 to 27 inches at the shoulders and 110 to 130 pounds. Females are around 24 to 26 inches at the withers and 100 to 120 pounds as adults.
  • Temperament: Fearless, confident, and docile. Reliable, intelligent, loyal, and an apparent willingness to please. Medium energy level.

Bullmastiff Breed History

The Bullmastiff was recognized by AKC in 1934. The origins of this breed can be dated back to about 1860 in England. These dogs were bred to help reduce poaching in England’s wild (protected) game regions. Their foundation is derived from a mix of about 60% Mastiff, and 40% Bulldog.

List of Bullmastiff Breeders

Below is a list of Bullmastiff Breeders, check back often for new kennels.