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Afghan Hound Breed Standards

  • Overall Appearance: The Afghan has a confident, yet aloof and dignified appearance – that of a king. This breed has long, flowing (not coarse) and silky “hair” and takes on the look of a more exotic breed. The feet are large and the hip bones protrude. The Afghan Hound is a very large and lean (yet sturdy) breed.
  • Head: The head is long and refined, with a muzzle showing a slight Roman like bend. From the top of the head flows a long, silky lock of hair. The ears are long (reaching almost to the end of the nose when facing down) and drooping, starting even with the center of the eyes. The eyes are almond shaped, dark, and do not bulge. The nose is large and black.
  • Neck and Body: The neck is long, strong, and arched. However, the neck should be heavy and not thin and goose-like. The entire backline is straight, with the height at the shoulders equal to the distance from the chest to the buttocks
  • Tail: The tail set not too high on the body and does not have a ring, or a curve on the end. The tail should never be bushy. The Afghan carries it’s tail to the side.
  • Forequarters and Hindquarters: Forelegs are straight and strong with a lot of length between elbow and pastern; elbows are held in. Forefeet large in both length and width; toes well arched; feet covered with long thick hair; fine in texture; pasterns long and straight; pads of feet unusually large and well down on the ground.
  • Coat: Hindquarters, flanks, ribs, forequarters, and legs well covered with thick and long, silky hair, very fine in texture; ears and all four feet well feathered with hair.
  • Color:  All colors are permissible, but white marking (especially on the head) are not desired.
  • Gait: A powerful, long, galloping stride.
  • Size: Males are 27 inches, plus or minus one inch. Females are 25 inches, plus or minus one inch.
  • Temperament: Aloof and dignified, yet happy. Not shy.

Afghan Hound Breed History

In 1926, the Afghan Hound was officially recognized by the AKC. This breed has Middle Eastern origins, most likely as hunters.

List of Afghan Hound Breeders

Below is a list of Afghan Hound Breeders, check back often for new kennels.