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Affenpinscher Breed Standards

  • Overall Appearance: The Affenpinscher is wiry-haired toy dog makes an excellent house or apartment pet due to it’s demeanor, size, and intellect. The name Affenpinscher means “monkey-like terrier.” The breed was was created as an inside ratter. The total overall “shaggy but neat” appearance of the Affenpinscher is more important than any individual characteristic.
  • Head: The Affen’s head is proportionate to the body. This breed carries it’s head with conidence and expresses facial features very similar to a monkey. The eyes are dark, round, beady, and medium in size in proportion to the head. They do not bulge or protrude. The Affen’s ears may be cropped to a point, or they can remain natural. Both cropped or natural ears are high set. If natural, they can be erect, semi standing, or drooped. Ears are not as important as the monkey-like facial features. The skull is round, and the muzzle is short and blunt. The length of the muzzle should be comparable to the distance between this breed’s eyes. The eyes and lips are black, with the lower lip slightly sticking out – indicating a very slight undershot bite.
  • Neck and Body: The neck and body of the Affen is short and straight, with a level and equally short topine.
  • Tail: Tail can be natural or docked, yet the tail is not important in this breed. If the tail is docked, it will be between 1-2 inches long.
  • Forequarters and Hindquarters: Front angulation is moderate. Shoulders – with moderate layback. The length of the shoulder blade and the upper arm are about equal. Elbows – close to the body. Front legs straight when viewed from any direction. Pasterns short and straight. Feet small, round, and compact with black pads and nails. Rear angulation is moderate to match the front. Hind Legs are straight when viewed from behind.
  • Coat: Dense hair, rough, harsh, and about 1 inch in length on the shoulders and body.
  • Color:  Black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, or belge are all acceptable. Color is not a major consideration.
  • Gait: Light, free, sound, balanced, confident, and comical.
  • Size: Preferred height at the withers is 9½ to 11½ inches. Females may have slightly longer bodies.
  • Temperament: Alert, fearless, and inquisitive with great loyalty. The affen is very affectionate.

Affenpinscher Breed History

The Affenpinscher was introduced by the AKC in 1936. This breed is one of the most ancient “toy” dogs. Most likely, this breed has the historical origins of ratters.

List of Affenpinscher Breeders

Below is a list of Affenpinscher Breeders, check back often for new kennels.